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Hello, My name is Maria Miller, I am 57 yrs. old, married and very sick. I was in the hospital recently for; Sepsis, Renal Failure, and Gastroenteritis. They are still testing me and so far I have no answers. Last week I caught Covid so I haven’t been able to follow-up.

We have no insurance. My husband and I have a lot of health issues. I am currently trying to get Social Security. It takes a long time. I do not qualify for Medicaid because I make $50 dollars over their qualifications. My hospital and lab bills far exceed the amount I am asking for. Just a visit to the doctor is $ 70 dollars and the medications are a fortune.

They say I need a colonoscopy and a stomach scope to see what is going on. My mother had colon cancer and my grandmother had stomach cancer. I am having some symptoms of both. I am hoping it is just an ulcer or something simple. I cannot find out until I raise enough money to be tested. We don’t have a car or a home. We walk and take the bus everywhere and most days we don’t have the energy to do so. Things have been really tough. I know our problems are not your problems. I know that there are others who need help far more than me, but any little bit would help. Thank you and God Bless you all! Happy Holidays!


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