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Hi, my name is Joanna Greer. I am the proud mother of two beautiful children. Due to fertility issues, they were conceived via IUI. This past October, my Husband and I were given a surprise blessing. In October of 2022, I used an OTC pregnancy test and was given a positive result. Days later, I had my first OB appointment with Dr. A. It was confirmed then, via urinalysis as well as blood work, that I was indeed pregnant. I confided to Dr. A, that I felt like my first ever pregnancy-which technically was my first natural one. I also informed her about my other two pregnancies and how they were conceived. This is when I should have seen the red flag. Dr. A disregarded my anxiety and said to trust her. Blindly, I did. I had my first ultrasound appointment, at Dr. A’s office. During the ultrasound, The Sonographer had difficulty with visibility. Unfortunately, Dr. A did not perform her own diagnostic testing, to confirm any visibility. I was advised by Dr. A to go to an ER, for a rapid HCG level and ultrasound. Whilst maintaining complete faith, I went to an ER. My HCG level was 4624 and per the Hospital Radiologist, two 2mm sacs were seen and no abnormalities were seen. Dr. A referred me to Maryland Perinatal Associates, for a high-risk ultrasound, due to the possibility of twins. At this practice, I was introduced to Dr. R. The Sonographer performed the entire ultrasound. Shortly after, Dr. R informed me that based on the ultrasound pictures, from the Sonographer, there were indeed two sacs seen. However, she states in her notes that, “Reviewed ultrasound today concerning a right ovarian ectopic pregnancy with sacs noted in the uterus”. Dr. R, DID not perform any ultrasounds herself to confirm any of these findings. Dr. R informed me that she discussed these findings with Dr. A., and that they both concurred that I must go to the ER, for the alleged ectopic pregnancy, for Methotrexate (Methotrexate: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Warnings – Drugs.com) administration. I never had any abdominal pain or bleeding and my HCG levels had increased and Dr. A was notified. Not only did Dr. A. want me to proceed with the Methotrexate injection, but she also wanted me to return for the second dosage, regardless of if the first dose was effective or not. When I went back for the second dose, my HCG level was drawn, and my levels had increased. Due to the increased levels, an ultrasound was performed. Per the Hospital’s Radiologist, there were two sacs: one with a yoke and the other having a strong heartbeat. There was still no mention of anything that was or could be a potential ectopic pregnancy. The second dosage was never given. Weeks later, during my appointment with Dr. R, my was life shattered. The Sonographer could not detect any heartbeats— Dr. R, still not performing an ultrasound herself— informed me that I had miscarried. I asked if the Methotrexate caused the life of my babies and was told, “it may have, but you are young enough to get pregnant again”. I reached out to Dr. A., who gave me the same sentiments. Throughout this entire heartbreaking ordeal, I have lost faith in the medical field. which, ironically, I have been working in the medical field for over 15 years. I am asking for donations to help cover all of the medical bills that accrued during this painful experience. If there is any money left over, I would like to put it towards finding my Rainbow baby. I thank you for any donations and pray that you receive blessings in return.


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