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Mother Paula Seiple has dedicated her life to serve the Lord. She continues her work of  prayer, spiritual counsel, and keeping the books for our communion of churches.

However, due to the progression of muscular dystrophy she is almost exclusively confined to a motorized wheel chair. Without a vehicle to transport the chair, she will soon be unable to leave home.

After investigating several options for converted vehicles, the least expensive is a used KIA Soul converted for accessibility by Freedom Motors in Battle Creek, MI. It has a rear entry ramp that allows her to be strapped in behind the front seats,and it gets good gas mileage. To be able to purchase it, we need to raise $31,225.

On Sept 5th Freedom Motors brought by a “sample” KIA Soul, which we were able to try out for getting her wheelchair up the ramp and into the car.  It will work great!  Please help…any gift amount is greatly appreciated.

By the end of Oct a decision will have to be made about what to do next as cold weather approaching will make using the wheelchair on the sidewalk impossible. Thanks for caring.



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