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The children of the village of Yabassi, Cameroon in West Central Africa go to school each day in 95-degree heat.  But there is no clean water to drink.  This is often the case in the rural villages of Cameroon.   In each family, someone has the job to go to the local stream a mile or so from the home and fill a bucket of water for the day. To draw water, the people of the village wade into the stream to get their water, then the silt must be allowed to sink to the bottom of the bucket before using the water. The 70 children at the orphanage/school in Yabassi, have no toilets to use.  There is an area behind the shack that serves as a school room where they may relieve themselves in the bushes. VHCHE is a US organization based in Springfield, VA, and which builds wells, schools and restrooms for schools and churches in the rural villages of Cameroon where the average daily wage for most families is 1.25 per day.  $20,000 will bring clean water and sanitary restrooms to children in the village of Yabassi.  With your donation, the teachers in this orphanage/school will have a well with a 1,000 gallon storage unit to store well water, and two restrooms for children so they don’t have to use the bushes. With clean water and sanitary restrooms, children will stay healthy enough to learn. Visit VHCHE.org for more information on the work we are doing in Cameroon.


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