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I have Li Fraumeni Syndrome which causes me to have several cancers. It started in 1985, I was 12 yrs old and dx with Acute Lymphocytic leukemia. I went through 3 years of chemo. I had 70 bone marrow aspirations and 60 spinal taps to insert methotrexate. I had so many side effects that I spent lots of time in the hospital and the Ronald McDonald home. I hit my 20’s and had several skin cancers removed In my 30s I was dx with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy, in my 40s I got Non-small cell lung cancer, never smoked, and had to have my left lung removed. I had radiation and chemotherapy to follow, it metastasized to my brain and I had a craniotomy to remove a tumor that left me with quadranopsia in my left eye. I can’t drive and I was unable to work because I was on extensive chemo and radiation. I went from an 80k job a year to nothing. I applied for disability and I receive some for me and my 17-year-old son. I will lose his portion when he graduates. My husband works for Huntsville Utilities and we do have ins, but nowhere near the money, we were making. I have a cc that Will be maxed out soon and I don’t know what other options I have. It has recently metastasized to my left hip. I am now on oral chemo Tagrisso and injection chemo for bone cancer. I went back last week and another spot has lit up in my tight lung. I am going to have to have some more rounds of radiation. The worse part was knowing that LFS is heredity and I had to have my son tested. By the grace of God, he was negative! I know God has been with me through all of this and he keeps me going. Unfortunately, this is my life, always waiting for the next one to pop up or just passing away from the meds and radiation. I have much more I want to do with my family. I would love to be able to work, I miss my life! I want to make memories with my boys. We can’t afford to do anything extra and it causes us to use our credit cards to the max. It has caused so much anxiety and PTSD. I’m a nervous wreck most of the time. We will lose some of the disability when my son graduates. He has worked so hard to get a scholarship, academic and athletic because he knows we just don’t have the money. We won’t be able to pay our bills. I have done everything I can think of. We refinanced our home and paid some things off. I want some quality time with my boys before I go and not just be stressed all the time. I pray for everyone out there that has to worry about money while they are dying and trying to make the best of what time is left. If there is any help I can get I would be so grateful. I’m only asking to pay off our credit card to help some with groceries and daily living. 


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