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First, let me thank you for considering helping me and my family pay off my 32 days in the hospital fighting for my life with Lymphoma. I’m having a hard time getting my head above water as I own my own company which I could not work in during my stay in the hospital. I’m a single dad with one daughter in high school and one daughter in college. Money goes out faster than it’s coming in and I just don’t have the funds to pay off my cancer debt.

I fell through the cracks in the medical community. I had two large hematomas on my head that would not heal. I could not find a doctor to treat me as neurosurgeons told me that this was not a brain issue and dermatologists told me that this was way above expertise.  I finally found one doctor who told me I need to go the UC Health emergency center right away, they were the only place that could solve my problem. I went to them that day and was told they would have to take a part of my scalp off as that part of head was dead. After the first surgery I was told the reason why the hematomas would not heal was because I had cancer. This explains my 70-pound weight loss, night sweats and all I could do was sleep all day. After 4 surgeries and 9 chemo treatments, I am now cancer-free. I really need some help getting back on my feet financially. I hate asking for this but I’m really on my last leg here.

Thank you in advance for anything that you can spare to help dig out of this hole.

Kindest Regards,

Patrick Brodie


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