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Just need some help, I work in a hospital and have helped thousands. I need a second Heart Surgery. Insurance has just changed, and the copay and deductible are just too great. I’m over fifty and have worked my whole life. Asking for help makes me feel like I have surrendered control. Joy and God Bless.

I’m now bleeding into another chamber. My heart is enlarge and has become critical to get surgery.  I normally have sufficient funds for most life’s events. I have worked my whole life. However, with this new insurance, I find myself asking for help.  The procedure is called a “Percutaneous plug of Coronary artery fistula”

The first surgery was a birth defect called bicuspid aortic valve meaning I only had two valves instead of three, so after time it wore out. During an extremely long surgery, the hospital was able to fix it with a mechanical valve. During the microscopic surgery I started bleeding out. They had to open my chest and put me on bypass twice. I believe they had to do CPR because my lunge had collapsed. I am not looking forward to another surgery after the first one and was able to pay in full for all the medical expenses.



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