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My mother Theresa Vitale has Stage 3 Lung Cancer.  She has received 40 rounds of radiation.  This took a toll on her that landed her in the hospital for over a week.   My mother then took a break and took 2 rounds of Chemotherapy and realized she can no longer continue her treatments.   My mother came up this weekend after taking a few weeks off of treatment to spend time with my family and that is when she told us that she will try immunotherapy but if it has side effects, she will choose quality of life.  My mother had chemical poisoning many years ago and her body is unable to handle a lot of trauma.

Currently we are trying to find her housing that she can afford and close to her doctors at Sloan. My mother had a hard realization that she will no longer be able to work or provide for herself, she is very young at heart.   I am currently trying to figure out what I can do to help ease her medical bills and rent and see what is available for her to live a life where she no longer has to rely on anyone, but these things take time and a lot of paperwork.  I live one hour away from Sloan, and she is nervous, and it took a lot for us to get her here for the weekend.  I can’t imagine how scared she is, but I am glad we were able to see her happy and spend quality time with her.  I am praying that she will be able to handle the immunotherapy and fight this horrible Cancer.  I chose this website for donations because they give you a tax write off with every donation.  My family has a lot of pride, and this took a very long time for us to decide to move forward and ask for donations, but I needed to do something that in a small way would give back to the people who donated.  No one is every ready for such a difficult diagnosis.   I want to thank everyone in advance for your help that you are doing now and what you have already done for my family.  I am truly not ready for this but who is? I pray for a cure, and I pray my mother is able to fight this horrible disease.   Thank you, Tammy,


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