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My friend Lisa Romer is a 53 year old woman with cancer of the kidney.  She worked as a home health aide but can no longer work.  She gets government help of $1200 a month.  She needs to be able to rent a room for around $500 a month.  She has a small dog she is very attached to so where she lives will have to accept her pet.  I am very worried about Lisa. She needs surgery now!  And she needs a stable home to be able to have it.

It’s tragic when such a good kind person has no savings because her job was so low paying and she took care of others so well.  She will need first and last months payments on a rental.  I have been trying to find places for her but it’s very difficult.  If you want to speak with Lisa she is available.  If you want to see her medical reports about her cancer she will share them with you.

Blessings to those who help Lisa,  Sally Boutte, retired RN


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