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On August 25th, a homeless man by the name of Will passed away suddenly. The cause of death is not determined; we supported one another through the Covid19 pandemic, which may be one of the reasons for his sudden death. Homeless people have a soul and a big heart! Will was a person who had the biggest heart ever, a young man age 24 years old who did not deserve to die in the Riverbank of Madera, California in which he called his HOME. He was unlike others. He had a big smile and was always curious about others, helped others in need, and primarily watched out for many others in the Riverbanks of Madera, California. A fun-loving partner and a great friend to many. Will, was the type of person who could make anyone laugh, and he noticed right away when people were sad.

The homeless community and his life partner who is running the campaign loved each other very much. William will be truly missed will truly miss will Reeves. Would you please help us obtain the money for a proper burial? If his adopted family does not properly bury him, he will be put in a massive grave for homeless people without family.

Thank you for your generous donation to properly bury a good man Mr. William Reeves.


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