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I lost my home that I rented and everything I owned in the Colorado wild fire called the Marshall fire. I lived in old town Superior Colorado my home and all my neighbors lost their homes. Everything is gone and now I am homeless. My neighbor banged on my door and windows yelling for me to get out and I only had time to grab my keys and a pair of socks and shoes and got into the nearest vehicle which is on it’s last legs and close to being undrivable I didn’t have time to pick a vehicle my better vehicle was left behind and totally destroyed along with all my memorable belonging such as photos of my dad and his jewelry and military photos. I lost all my personal items as well nothing is salvageable.

I am on disability from a work place accident and can not work and I am having a hard time finding a new place to live that I can afford on limited income and to get a cheap but reliable vehicle. I rented my home but did not have renters insurance due to limited income so I could not afford to buy renters insurance. I’m just trying to get a small 1 bedroom apartment or a studio apartment and to buy cloths and food and maybe a good but cheap vehicle until I can get my life going again.¬†Any help at all will be very appreciated!


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