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Missy is a sister, wife, mother, and grandmother, that loves her family fiercely. The day after Thanksgiving in 2020, Missy went to the ER, due to pain and nausea and was admitted to the small general hospital for testing. She was eventually diagnosed with Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors (GIST).  She was told that it was terminal.

Missy’s siblings have prayed many years that she would come to know Jesus the Christ as the Lord of her life, and thinking doctors know everything, those prayers became more fervent over the subsequent months.  In complete Missy fashion, she calmly informed us that she started going to church and had become a follower of Christ.  We were all in disbelief and beyond elated, and praising God that prayers were answered!  We changed our prayers to she would be a witness, and that her story would bring glory to God.  We knew that God had a plan for her, even though we weren’t sure what His will was.

Missy has always been a go-getter, working to support her family, and helping others before she would ever ask for help herself.  (If you read between the lines, you might find the word “stubborn”). Through the past 4 years with cancer, even during her chemo treatments, she continues to work different jobs, including cleaning houses and mowing lawns to be able to support her family and pay her medical bills. During the past 4 years, she has changed insurance multiple times, at no fault of her own. She lost her job because she was too sick to work after the surgeries, no job means no insurance. She applied for special cancer coverage insurance but outlived the policy. Currently Medicaid isn’t covering 100% of everything, and the bills are piling up.

We believe that there is a purpose for her to be here.

At her last follow-up, her oncologist told her that she has 2 new tumors growing on her aorta, and liver. On July 5th, she had a 5-hour surgery to insert springs that are designed to shut off the blood flow to the left side of the liver, making the right portion of the liver work harder and to grow. She went to church today, (July 7th) and people were in disbelief that she was there, her response was ” Jesus went through worse for me.  Why wouldn’t I be in church to praise him?

We know that there is a purpose for her to be here.

In September, she will have another surgery to remove the left side of the liver which has a major tumor in it, and to also remove the tumors on the side of her aorta.  She will be in the hospital for a minimum of 10 days while she recovers from that surgery.

Currently she has multiple bills that are outstanding. Payments for doctor referrals, that visited her in her hospital room, that she barely remembers. Medications that were prescribed that didn’t work. Routine car maintenance that was pushed to the back burner because she couldn’t afford it and now it must be done so she can get to her doctor appointments. She also needs help in paying the deductible for the upcoming surgery in September.

We know that God has her here for a purpose.

Asking for help was not easy for her family when growing up, and that trait found its way into the core of Missy. That’s why we, her family, are asking help on her behalf.  From extended family to friends that know Missy and her story, to you, the person that read her story and believes with us, that Missy has a reason to still be alive, to fulfill the purpose that has been set for her life. We are asking for your prayers, and if you feel led to donate financially to help her during this battle, we thank you.

Thank you for allowing us to share Missy’s journey with you of a non-believer to Jesus lover; all because of prayer.

We know there’s a purpose that she is still here; Fighting Cancer and loving God.


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