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My trip is March 31-April 12. Imagine walking out your front door and life as you know has changed forever. Your home is gone, and your family is gone. You have no food, no medical supplies and no shelter. You are watching the bombs continue to fall all around you.  This is not an exaggeration this is their life, and they are living this nightmare every day every hour ever minute. It is this reason I have chosen to travel to Ukraine to offer my medical knowledge as well as my Christian faith to those who are in need. The trip will cost $1700 plus air fare. My motto is “If not me then who”. This is my first mission trip; I will be taking my vacation that I have saved. I will not have enough time and will take the rest without pay.  If you cannot help me monetarily, I ask for your prayers, for the people of Ukraine, myself and my fellow travelers.  CERT International is a 501(C)(3), nondenominational, serve and assist Christian organization. The purpose of CERT is to bring physical and spiritual relief to suffering and needy people around the world in the name of Jesus Christ. We provide free medical and dental services to people with little or no care. Distribute food, clothing, medicines, medical supplies, literature, and toys to the needy. Assist in the church building, growth, and development in remote locations. Organize short-term mission trips to hurting, suffering, and displaced people. Provide spiritual environments where team members can return home a better disciple of Christ. Regards, Renee Vaughn, RMA


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