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October 22nd of 2022 as my family was coming home with groceries a speeding driver hit their truck. When I ran out to see what happened the driver started to try to drive away. I ran out to try and get their license plate number but they saw me and turned into me. I was hit and thrown approximately 40 feet (12 meters). While I was able to get up and walk back to the house this led to me having to go to the Emergency room to make sure nothing was life-threatening or immediately critical which resulted in medical bills I could not afford. I also was unable to work for almost 3 months as I work in an Amazon delivery station and was on a medical weight restriction due to my shoulder injuries and spent another 3 months on reduced hours. I waited for 18 months to hear from the police hoping they would arrest the culprit so I could file a claim against him instead I got a court summons and my wages garnished by a debt collector that the hospital gave the debt to. The debt is just over 2000 dollars right now but includes interest on top of which I also need reconstructive surgery for my shoulder due to the injuries sustained. While I know the surgery will be well over the 3000 dollar total all I’m hoping for is to get the debt off of me so I can pay my bills. For any who are curious the cost of surgery is going to run somewhere between $6,500 and $22,500 U.S.


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