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“Trayc strong” I hope many people far and wide will hear of, remember and spread much awareness against Ewings Sarcoma bone cancer.

My son Trayc was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer. November 4, 2022, he was given his life changing diagnosis. He has endured much pain, trauma, loss and almost immediate change. He is on the 9th grade baseball team. Most of his free time was spent on the baseball field or in our yard play “yard ball”. Trayc has loved baseball from t-ball, he loves the game. To fathom is heartbreak is impossible, but he still smiles. 

 So when he started having “growing pains” it wasn’t alarming, until it was. Almost a year later with seeing an orthopedic specialist. The pains were waking him in the night, only high heat would even touch his pain, sitting in the hot bath for an hour at a time. No medications or topical rubs were working. We sat and cried for hours. He would beg me to make it stop burning and hurting. I knew something was going on. We decided to take him to our local chiropractor, where he examined him, did a few x rays. The call back, was to let us k ow that he did see something that concerned him and quickly referred Trayc to an orthopedic specialist in Jackson. 

Trayc receives all of his treatment at the Blair E Batson Childres hospital (UMMC) this is about 2.5 hours from home. I have a love hate relationship with this place. I love to be there because I have peace, he is okay he is safe!! When we are there on day 6 physically sick and heartbroken because we miss our other boys, I hate it! Trayc has endured so much pain and loss. He has undergone 2 open to bone biopsies.  He has had to have a partial hip replacement. His strength amazes me. 

TRAYC’S CHEMOTHEHRAPY TREATMENT PLAN VDC Vincristine, doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide also I&E ifosfamide and eteposide. These 2 drug combinations are altered every two weeks for about 9 months. His chemo will be given in three stages Induction Chemotherapy (6 cycles of chemo) about 12 weeks-local control Chemotherapy will have a titanium rod placed a partial hip replacement. consolidation Chemotherapy 11 cycles 22 weeks. Then it’s REMMISION. 

My husband has been the sole provider for our family. I have been able to stay home and care for Trayc and his other 2 brothers. Eugene’s job has been so understanding with him missing work and we are thankful. That, unfortunately, doesn’t stop the bills and everyday things from coming up. Trayc is being treated at the Blaire E Batson Childrens Hospital in Jackson Ms. This place is simply amazing, but a 2.5-hour drive one way. Trayc has been blessed to have both me and his dad by his side for everything thus far. To ease some of the financial burden for my husband would be life changing at this point. 

 Cancer sucks, I hate it with a passion. It grows more and more everyday!! 

 This passion will drive me to do more!!! We have already made baby steps in our fundraising by having personal support shirts made, putting pretty yellow ribbons out throughout our community. Our goal is for everyone who sees the yellow, knows of the rare childhood bone cancer “Ewings Sarcoma”

We are truly grateful for our support, prayers!! Means the most The Morans 


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