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Tony was a healthy active 44 year old man when his blood pressure spiked causing a vein near his brain stem to burst. This caused a hemorrhagic stroke. The hemorrhage was the size of a small orange in the center of his brain on his brain stem. He was hiking McDowell Mountains and working out in the pool (I have included the video) the week before the hemorrhage. I have also included a picture of the two of us. The other pictures and videos I have included are of him now. This is a man that gave his last $20 to a couple with kids that were homeless. They weren’t asking for money, we just passed them in an alley. He also gave his shoes to a homeless man because he was concerned the man would burn his feet on the sidewalk. (We lived in the Phoenix are). We spent Thanksgivings passing out food to the homeless. He also spoiled me (wife, Debbie) with delicious food, a clean home, dancing in the kitchen while he cooked to 80’s dance music. He was my own personal security detail. I always felt extremely safe when he was around. He also would make make other people feel safe. He would come help me at work when I needed someone to lift/move heavy objects. Now his muscles are starting to atrophy, he can’t speak, he can’t turn his head because his muscles are constricted. He is completely the same cognitively and is aware of everything he can no longer do. He is depressed because he has been in facilities for a year now with no breaks to go to the movies or see my new office. He hasn’t been to any holidays with family. This will be his 2nd year missing Thanksgiving, his Birthday and Christmas. He is in a long term care facility. The insurance has been great to get him a custom wheelchair and he has the best doctors at Barrow’s Neurological Institute and the Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s Center. His tremors are so bad that he has to close his email sometimes to keep from getting motion sickness. The one thing we are missing is a wheelchair accessible van. He can’t get in and out of my car. I’m willing to trade it for a van with a ramp and locking system for his wheelchair. I want him to feel as normal as he can. He is a huge Marvel fan and Star Wars fan. I want to take him to see Black Adam and other movies. I want him to do something fun to celebrate his 45th birthday. I’m asking for help to purchase a van that I can go on a date with my husband and he can get out of the nursing home for a little while. Please help me purchase a van. They are too expensive for me to afford. Please help me soulmate, my best friend, my husband gain some freedom back. He is trapped in a body that doesn’t behave like he needs. He also needs specific equipment and physical assistance that believes in him. He walked 3 weeks after his surgery but due to an infection his muscles have deteriorated. He needs someone besides me to cheer him on. I’m working 50 hours a week to help pay for medical expenses. Please help. Thank you so much for your help.


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