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My name is Sharon and I found out October 6, 2020 that I had stage III Small Cell lung cancer.  My Oncologist immediately started me on chemo and radiation, which I completed in January.  On September 22, 2021 I found out the cancer has now spread to both adrenal glands of my kidneys, my breast bone, and my hip bone.  I never thought that I would be the one asking for help, as I am always the one that helps others.  I was bless to have one child who has dedicated this past year to making sure I have everything I need, as well as taking me to every appointment I have.  I do not want to leave her with the burden of my expenses, as I feel she has sacrificed enough for me.  I will use the money to pay for prescriptions, medical bills, and make plans for my final departure.  My daughter has her own three children that she provides for.  I am not giving up on my fight against cancer, but I do know that some healing is in HEAVEN.  If you see fit to donate to my campaign, I want to thank you in advance!


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