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The B Team, along with our supporting partner, St John’s Gernant’s Church of Leesport PA, is a group of Volunteer Parents and Eagle Scouts. Our goal is to provide Back-to-School Backpacks for Community’s Children-in-Need. In 2019 we initiated this project through Boy Scouts, it was to help make a difference by giving back to the community. We raised enough funds through yard sales, bake sales and community donations that allowed us to purchase backpacks and supplies for 242 backpacks. They were delivered to 7 school districts in the surrounding community’s of Kutztown PA.  After delivering the backpacks in 2019, this project made us aware that there was a greater need then we ever thought. We contacted a school,  just them alone, needed 420 backpacks. This really opened our eyes to the need. Unfortunately, as much as we prepared for the following year, we were unable to help in 2020 due to the pandemic restrictions throughout the year. However, we are moving forward for 2021. We are continuing this community service for 2021,  our sponsoring partner St John’s Gernant’s Church, volunteer parents and Eagle Scouts.  We currently have scheduled a Spring Garage Sale in May, where we will be selling hotdogs and soda along with the donated items. Our other future event is for the month of June 2021, an Online Gift Basket and Gift Card Raffle. The B Team would be grateful for any assistance you can provide in our fundraising efforts whether a gift basket, gift card, school supplies for the backpacks or monetary donation for the purchase of backpacks and supplies. We are reaching out for assistance in helping us to help them. With your help, the Volunteer Parents and Volunteer Eagle Scouts can continue to reach our goal in this community project Back-to-School Backpacks for Children-in-Need. 100% of all proceeds go towards the purchase of backpacks and supplies.   Check us out through our FB page: The B Team. Help Us, Help Them, The B Team


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