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A small bit about me, I am John 64yrs disabled 100%. Due to an 18wheeler crushing both of my legs.

Many experimental operations, over many years. Have allowed me to keep them. With no guarantees.

I was a builder at the time of the accident. And of course. Due to my condition. I lost everything.

My request here, is for a hand up. In getting my life back together. For starters, I have acquired an old house. In very bad shape. By taking over payments. From a man who was going to just let it go. Yet a roof over my head.

The city is after me to fix it up. Starting with a new roof. I am diabetic now. And have breathing problems. also lost all my teeth to diabetes. I have a large abdominal hernia. Yet I am a very strong man. And determined to get back up.

I am requesting this money, to payoff this house .and fix it up. Purchase a vehicle, and get new teeth implants. The diabetic shoes and clothes needed to function somewhat normally.

If I am successful here. Then I plan to try and get funded to build a micro city for the elderly and disabled. Thank You for reading my short story. Please donate. Thanks again, John

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