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Hello, friends, my mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer and needs a huge treatment fee. You may have heard that breast cancer is the easiest type of cancer to cure, but my mother suffers from triple-negative breast cancer, which is the most difficult type of breast cancer. This news is a bolt from the blue for us. My mother has been suffering from illness all the year round, insomnia, stomach pain, and low back pain. I didn’t expect it to be cancer this time. We are very afraid of losing her.

My mother underwent a tumor removal operation in a hospital in the provincial capital and removed the lesion, but the follow-up recovery process was extremely difficult. The wound could not heal for a long time. After the wound healed, chemotherapy was given. The side effects of this kind of chemotherapy are very unbearable for a person with a poor physical foundation. Several times, the chemotherapy was almost postponed due to substandard physical examination indicators. You may not have seen a person who is in good health and immediately loses appetite or even vomits and stomachache after receiving chemotherapy. I saw my mother suffer from these pains. I really want to find a treatment plan for my mother that can recover quickly. Unfortunately, this kind of plan is currently It hasn’t appeared yet. My mother’s body is much worse than the average person, and the people treated at the same time with her have returned to normal levels. My mother still has difficulty recovering after various treatments.

My mother needs a lot of money for follow-up treatment, and now we need to rush to the hospital every week to treat my mother. At present, our family is in financial difficulties. Because we ask experts to treat my mother’s body cancer, insomnia, severe stomach problems, etc., it costs a lot. We need your help to help us through the difficulties. Follow-up treatment will cost approximately US$50,000.


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