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1/3/21 WOW! Holy cow, the outpour of support and financial aid is just remarkable! Stephen and his family are absolutely blown away by the blind generosity of so many people especially at such a financially “tight” time of year. Small update, Stephen has jetted off to Portland to be with his sister during treatment. She will advocate for him and help him focus solely on getting better. Here’s a photo of him with the first two checks from all of you angels. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for your support! Happy New Year! 

Hello everyone. If you are reading this, it means one of our own needs our help and we believe it takes a Village. Our main man Stephen, Hot Dog, Esteban, the computer whiz has recently been given a lump of coal this Christmas season. He has little information as tests are still being done, but he has cancer in his body, presently residing in his liver, but not originating from the liver. His family and work family all agree that he does not need to think twice about bills or anything other than resting and getting well. We want Stephen to know that he isn’t alone. He has the best sister and coolest dad in the world with him and we are grateful they are together. We also want to remind him he has an army of his bar family behind him who would do just about anything to take away the pain from him and the stress from his sister and dad. Cancer is not anything anyone wants much less a week from Christmas. I hope you might forgo the morning coffee, that last cocktail at happy hour and that you might think to donate to an all around light. He is a walking smile, and it breaks our hearts to know his light is a little less bright and his smile isn’t as smiley. Please consider donating to help him become well if you are able and share if you are not. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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