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As many of you may have seen, our dear Majesta was diagnosed with cancer in her lung, brain, and liver just a few days ago during a trip to the ER when she was experiencing some dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, and pain. Scans, biopsies, and treatment plans are being scheduled and we will keep you posted on progress as her treatment begins. She has a team of oncologists already working on a plan to tackle this brutal disease.


As Majesta prepares for these challenges ahead we as her friends, family and colleagues need to step up and do what she would do for any one of us. If you know Majesta you know she is a strong woman with a heart of gold. She would give you the shirt off her back, and do it with grace and love. Majesta works tirelessly, gives endlessly, and loves unconditionally. She loves God and we are ready for Majesta’s miracle!


This is our time to help our girl!


Majesta is self-employed so sick days and sick pay are not an option. Her monthly bills are a modest $1,600 which covers her utilities and the mortgage payment on her family home which she was raised in. I can imagine groceries, gas, and medication will add to this.


We don’t know how long this treatment will be, but we do know she needs us to help keep her financially stable so she can focus on getting better.


Givetaxfree is a tax-deductible donation site that will put more money in Majesta’s pocket without any added fees for donors.


Grocery cards, gas cards, kind words, prayers, love, and support are also welcome and much appreciated.


I know Majesta has so many people that love her. Let us show it now by eliminating the needless worry of day-to-day expenses so she can focus on her health.


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