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Hello All

I hope you’re having a good day so far. I’m reaching out to you because we have been as mutual friends, and I wanted to share my story with you. I’m raising money for my Autistic Son, this will impact my son’s life positively. I’ve taken all my savings toward Cortez’s medical needs, To help with the rest of the costs. I’ve created a campaign which you can view here.

IF YOU COULD SUPPORT MY CAMPAIGN BY MAKING A DONATION AND THEN SHARING IT WITH YOUR NETWORK, I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT. I know that money can be tight, so please know that even $5 dollars helps me get closer to my goal.

Cortez is Autistic with a Spectrum Disorder and behaviors, Cortez recently had a bad brake to his right humorous now he has a permanent plate for life and 15 screw s, I have used all my savings towards his medical needs I still have a long way to go, please support Autism, I’m a single mom,

Let me know if you have questions and ill be happy to answer them.


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