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Struggling Dad here trying to keep my family life together.  Five months ago, I was in an accident that totaled my truck.  That truck was my transportation to work and my second job of delivering signs in the wee hours of the morning.  Although I was able get another used vehicle for commuting to my primary job from insurance, the second job was lost including it’s income.  This lack of income has made it very difficult to keep my bills current, especially my mortgage and my cardiologist’s bills.  Although I have been trying to find secondary employment or better primary employment, its become too difficult and now I’m in a deficit.  My income is just not enough and I have been juggling bills back and forth.  In addition, hurricane Irma didn’t help.  I didn’t take on damage but did take a hit by having to buy the necessities, just in case. This campaign will solely be used to catch up on my medical, utilities and mortgage bills and bridge me into better or additional employment. Thanks to everyone that helps.  Every little bit counts!


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