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Jon and Julie Stawowy continue to be on the “fight of their lives” for the complete return to health for Jon.

Jon was diagnosed with Lymphoma which lead to a bone marrow transplant.  Throughout this journey, Julie has been by his side which has lead to a depletion of her sick days.  She is an educator and continues to teach when able virtually.

Currently, the family has been “camped out” in a hotel near the Cleveland Clinic so that Julie can be literally in two places at once, with her husband and with her 2 children.  Jon has had a build up of fluid on his lungs and has been on and off a ventilator.  Doctors are trying additional treatments to search for the root cause as well as to heal Jon’s body.

To say that this is taking a toll on all of the family is an understatement.

Our hope is that with helping to defray the costs associated with Jon’s care, it will lesson the burden on this family.

Please give generously to support this amazing family!!


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