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My daughter is 16 years old and has been diagnosed with ALL leukemia. She has started chemo 1 time a week and has been doing hospital stays. I am her mom her full time caregiver and I own my cleaning company and doing best i can taking care of her and continue to keep ahead. we live in franklin ohio we are home now she is ok for now I’m still working as I can for now I have employees who work for me also this was unexpected tragic news for us. we had been to er for incorrect diagnosed then back 2 weeks then back again for future pain issues as it lead to admission at Dayton Children’s Hospital for start of care plan. We have a team of care of doctors who focus on her plan for recovery. We are doing best I can with taking care of things, bills are adding up as will still work each day but never thought are child would get leukemia this is such a tragic news.  Just wanted reach out here for support help and advise to see all my options for assistance ect help if u consider helping us because we never expected this to happen we are very thankful for all the help so this campaign I feel will be very helpful ect for are family and getting us resources we need to help us threw this journey. her medical treatment will be for 2 and half years along with chemo meds ect


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