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Hello there,

I am a single mom of a 15 year old, and breast cancer survivor in remission. I lost my job last month, right after the holidays  I  am blessed to be alive but am going through rough times I have been trying to keep my family afloat through and  after cancer which has been tremendously hard. I own my apartment but haven’t been able to keep up with my monthly HOAs payments. The HOAs are high and include the utilities. I am behind in four months. I have been threaten that my utilities will be cut off and a lien put on my apartment if I don’t pay now. When I bought the apartment, I always saw myself as employed. I don’t know what else to do. I am going to talk with the board of directors to ask for more time. Also I applied for Medicaid for my son and food stamps for both of us.  Is there help out there?


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