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My name is Melissa George I am the wife/care giver for Charles George. Last June Charles went in for a surgery that did not go as planned. He ended up bleeding out onto his spinal cord which left him with a spinal injury. The injury has caused him to be a quadriplegic, which means he can not move either his arms or his legs. This has turned our lives upside down. We thank the Lord daily for allowing him to survive though there is so many obstacles we face. One of the biggest challenges right now is our home is not equipped with a shower for Charles. He has to be in a shower chair that will not fit in our current shower. I am starting this for the sole purpose of getting the shower redone so that he can have a shower. The estimate we got at the  beginning of the year was a little over $5,000 dollars (though now it could be a little more), I know that sounds like a lot and it is but with the help of everyone either with financial or thru sharing this I have faith that this goal can be met.

I would not ask for help though I have had to quite my job and sadly he lost his due to the injury. I struggled back and forth with starting this but I feel that this is not just a want but an extremely big need. Charles suffers from extreme muscle spasms and if we had  a shower he would able to let warm water run on him to ease some of the pain. Though the biggest thing is that he hasn’t had a true shower since leaving rehab. It tears me up inside because if you could image not showering for a couple days but for almost a year this poor man has not been able to. The only way he is bathed is by sponge bath and I can personally say it isn’t the same as a true shower. I truly know times are tough though I have faith this is something with not only the people I know but also the people Charles knows this is possible. I have the company’s info if you would rather pay them directly also or if you would like to see the quote or have any questions please contact me at 6163123413. I will answer any and all questions. Thank you for taking the time to read and please also share the link.


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