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Distraught mother of seven mourn after 2 of her sons were shot and killed, 15 and 18 years old, 3 of her

children, 13 year old son, 16 and 20 year old daughters are fighting for their lives, she was also injured

after 2 gunmen knocked on her door and barged in shooting. She also has 2 older children that weren’t

not there at the time.

My oldest son was good friends with the mom Shakia, and my two other children grew up with the 3 eldest

children. The children’s grand father started a step group with the children in the neighborhood, he kept

the kids busy after school, monitored their grades, set up tutoring, got the kids uniforms sponsored by a local

clothing store. They went on to win a couple of awards, city recognition, and marched in several parades.

The family was supportive when I lost my son in 2017.

Let us please help this mom during her time of need.


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