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In my life when it rains it pours, this has been an on going situation for me, right when I get up on my feet life seems to knock me right back down, to start off, I had my first surgery when I gave birth to my beautiful 9lbs 10 oz baby girl when I was a teenager, she was delivered through csection and hospitalized nearly two weeks from infection set into the surgery which gave me my first nasty scare, again with my second C section with my beautiful son 8lbs.15 oz. After my second marriage, I was told I had a 10lb. Tumor in uterus and there was my 3rd. Surgery at 36yrs old, in 2007 I found out I had tumors in my left breast 3 of them were removed, in 2012 my gallbladder was removed, and through all the surgeries and scares I felt less and less attractive and my low selfesteem started to become worst, I live in Florida but I’m always bundled up like It’s winter hiding my scares from everyone aeven my husband and eventually we separated, it was the worst time in my life, I had contemplated suicide, but I held strong and kept on going, when I finally got back on my feet, my husband and I recently reunited, but my self
Low esteem returned, but to my misfortune as I had just made floor supervisor, I fell ill yet again, my pancreas started to act up on me and I don’t even drink nor smoke,come find out it is a condition I was born with,called pancreatic divisum and one valva is clogged and since my raise in one big ball I.just want my life back in In to manager I’ve been hospitalized 3 times in 3 months, my carpayments are behind , I can’t afford insurance, struggling to buy food and keeping a roof over our head, and my son gradutates high school in May and we have nothing saved for this great moment in our sons life, It’s everything all

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