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Hi I’m a 57 year old male my wife is 55 she has MS.she’s had it since 2006.since then it has progressed to the point where she doesn’t walk any longer.briefly about her.she’s college educated(southern university in Baton Rouge Louis.she worked for the fed gov.for 25 years,was actually at the pentagon during 911 attack.we have 1 grown child.for the last 3yrs ms.has taken more of a toll on her.im only high school educated always worked even thought they were low paying jobs.my wife was the bigger bread on winner but everything changed when she had to go out on disability.ive taken care of her by myself without any help which I’m proud to do.i do her hair,nails,help her brush her teeth,Since her wheelchair can’t fit thru our bathroom door I pick her up in my arms and carry her in and out the bathroom.i bath her,feed her,clean the house ect..I tried to do everything in my power to keep her happy and healthy dispute the fact I’ve had 2 back surgeries myself and I’m on permanent disability myself.i tried paying everything myself but unexpected bills are killing me slowly and I’m trying hard.after rent,25 dollar phone bill( I keep it low cause it’s all we need to afford)we don’t go out so we can save any money we have.but we have more bills than income but if anyone can help us get our late bills out the way I feel I can make our life work out cause I’m a proud man.it really hurt knowing I wanna help her so bad.she is a great person and I don’t want her to past from all the financial stress on us.i usually don’t tell her what I’m going thru so she don’t determinate in health.i called my insurance company to ask if I get certified as a home care provider can I get paid to take care of her they told my that family and friends can get paid to care for one another but a spouse can’t be paid to care for their own spouse.i was working before I got on disability but kept having to cut my hours to be home with her but then I had to quit all together cause she needed someone home full-time.ive had times I couldn’t take any of this any longer,I thought if I died she would get a little insurance money but I know that’s not right for me to do cause no one can take care of her like I do.so here I am on here asking anyone out the if they can just help my family just a little I can fight to keep going.i have medical records to back all this up.ive served my country in the u.s.army.im a very good person and she’s just as nice as mother Teresa please help us if you can so maybe we can help someone else.

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