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Me and my Sisters. Hello, My Daughter Tammy is the one in the middle, she found out that she has cataracks in both eyes, She has be diagnosed with Posterior Subcapsular cataracts, this form of cataracts is very aggersive and comes on very quickly. She missed her date to sign up for insurence by two days due to not being able to see to fill out the form, she asked for help for a number of reasons she didnt get any. Tammy is 50 and works in the Health care. she cares for patients in the Asited living. I know it takes very Special people to care about our elderly she has a kind heart and really enjoys working with them. I’m asking for help with her medical exspense without the surgery she will be legaly blind. Her doctor told her the longer she waits the worst it will gwt. Any donation would be appreciated.

Thank you, Betty Billinghurst


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