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My husband and I immigrated to the United States from South Africa when we were in our middle age and became legal citizens. We are now in our late 70’s and until recently, have been able to work to meet our monthly obligations. Covid has hit us hard, decreasing the work availability and making it impossible to earn enough to pay all of our expenses.  Sadly, we were additionally struck with unexpected health challenges. My husband was diagnosed with an untreatable brain cancer and given a short time to live.  Although we anticipated having a few months, he succumbed to the disease on October 2, 2021 mere weeks after diagnosis.  Although I have mobility problems with severely arthritic knees, I was thankfully able to spend time with him at the Hospice facility where he passed. 

Over the past year with all the covid changes in the economy, the money we had saved is gone.  We have been dependent on friends to help us meet our monthly expenses.  With my husbands death, I realize that my social security will not even begin to meet basic needs. I do not have funds for a simple funeral.

I am seeking funding for funeral expenses, to pay overdue bills, repair our 12 yr old car and for ongoing monthly fees that would allow me to stay in our rented home.

We never anticipated being in this situation and are humbled to need this campaign.  I am seeking to raise $100,000 to meet costs as explained above.  Thank you and God bless.

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