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Hi Everyone,

I need Help with my Right Hip Replacement – short-term disability. I need funds to help with my Medical bills, Medications, Life insurance, Loss of employment income. Being on New Jersey Short Term Disability, I am falling behind on my Household bills, car repairs and the State school taxes are due in September.  I sure this will hit my deductible of $7,500 to Hackensack Meridian Health Hospital.

I also just had in March Basial cell surgery on the right side of my nose.  The system would not allow me to add more pictures for you see the plastic surgery needed after the cancer cell removal. That surgery left me with a bill to the Garnet Health Hospital.

Two years ago, I had Kiddy stones while I was paying for Cobra health coverage at $1.850.00 per month and I was put on New Jersey unemployment.

Three years ago, I had a Hypertension Attack, which put me in St. Anthony’s hospital for 4 days.  My medical deductible was $7,500.00, and I owe St. Anthony’s Hospital money.

Nevertheless, all of the Doctor’s $40.00 deductibles, MRI, X-ray fees that are not covered, and the needed medication not covered by the insurance policies added up very fast.  I have too many outstanding bills with Crystal Health Run Medical Center.  I am falling behind on my payments, and they started to put me into collection.  This makes me think I might have to sell my home of 22 years to lower my monthly cost of living.

This GiveTaxFree.org fund will help me to touch on some for the back due money so I can move forward with my creditors.

Thank you for reading this and best regards,

Wayne T Schneider.


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