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Rick, a young father & husband, deputy sheriff, veteran, and one of the kindest guys you’ll ever meet, has a rare genetic autoimmune disorder affecting his liver (primary sclerosing cholangitis or PSC). The disease has progressed to the point where Rick now urgently needs a liver transplant to survive.
Rick and his family are currently focused on finding a donor that can save his life. Once his team has found a match, the next challenge his family will face will be the financial hardships that are associated with this life-saving procedure.
On top of recovering from this major surgery Rick and his wife, Steph, will be burdened with expenditures like medical expenses, loss of income during the recovery period, out-of-town travel for follow-up appointments, new dietary needs, childcare for Michael, and the innumerable other associated costs that will arise.
Please consider making a donation to help ease the financial burden Rick and his new family face during this difficult time in their lives.
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