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Hello my name is Tiffany Adams and I want to thank you far taking the time out to read apart of my story. I have four loving children ages 14,11,3,and 2. We, as well as many other American families,  have fell victim to the Covid-19 financial stress. I am also currently separated from my husband for some very personal reasons. I am trying my best to get on my feet and provide for myself and kids. I have recently enrolled back into college to further my education in Business Administration to help educate myself and provide a few more doors that can open. I will be using the donated funds to get myself and children our own home, and reliable car and a few other things. I also will pay on some medical bills my 14 year old daughter and I got due to us getting literally getting jumped by two drunk women at a gas station while waiting in checkout line. My children and I have been through  so much this past year and lost so much that it has brought me to the point of reaching out to the public for help. I want to thank you again for reading apart of my story and helping out my family and I in this hardship that hopefully will not last much longer. God Bless


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