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This is my friend Ryan. In April he started feeling sick and did his best to push through it thinking a change in diet and more exercise would assist him in feeling better. In May, things took a drastic turn as Ryan lost his eyesight one morning and was rushed to the hospital, where he stayed for over a month. He was diagnosed with cancer that doctors explained began somewhere in his gut/ abdominal area and spread to his bones as well. Cancer cells were also found in his brain causing his blindness. He is slowly gaining back partial eyesight in his left eye but still struggles to see. Because of this, he is unable to work and this caused him to lose insurance. With his medical bills rising quickly he is struggling to pay his daily life bills between the month-long hospital stay and ongoing expensive chemotherapy treatments. He is handling the Chemotherapy as best as he can and is staying positive despite all the discomfort and stress that comes with his future being unknown. His family is rallying around him for emotional support but unfortunately, they are unable to help financially. Please help my lifelong friend. He would give anyone the shirt off his back and has a beautiful heart. Any share or donation would be much appreciated.

If you have read this far, thank you for taking the time to read my lengthy request for a donation to assist my wonderful friend and father in his long battle ahead.

Any donation of share makes a world of difference!!

Thank you

Sincerely a caring friend


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