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My name is Jessica Charbonneau, and I’m writing on behalf of my family. In August of this year, my husband Clifford Charbonneau was diagnosed with a reoccurrence of Head and Neck cancer. He has since had to leave his full-time position to have surgery in October and is currently scheduled to start the next phase of treatment which is Radiation and Chemotherapy treatments the week of Thanksgiving. He has and continues to requires around-the-clock care, in addition to hospital stays, our family is struggling and need financial help to make ends meet to say the least. Our 2 daughters (14 and 11) my husband Cliff, and myself are currently homeless, and living in our F150 which the bank is looking for reposition, and will not give us any more hardship extensions due to us using them to fight his cancer last year and stay afloat during the shut down from the Covid 19 pandemics. Cliff and I ensure our daughters eat and are full before we eat, this is not healthy for him, but he will not eat untill they do no matter what anyone says.

Every little bit helps!

Thank you in advance,

Clifford & Jessica Charbonneau

Happy Holidays

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