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My name is Tim skelly . my wife fell sick from med. Malpractice. And doctors not listening when she tried to tell them her problems. Last time she got out of hospital she couldn’t walk full limb. arms too neuropathy. So she had to go up north with family and she would get better help i stayed for moving and tieing up loose ends . I would go up in few months . but my truck blew up I’ve been trying to work and been couch surfing on friends couches.move around more in few month then my whole life. Now my twenty year old knee injury has decided to go out on me. Im limping with bone on bone knee pain. Cant work. So called friends only help when your paying all there bills. Im lucky to have a couple of friends that don’t. But I would do the same for them. Im running out of couches. Running out of everything including. My happy go lucky faith I’ve always had. Please help with any amount you can its tax deductable. Thank you with all my heart. God bless you.


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