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Hello everyone My name is Shana Moody. I usually don’t ask for help from people but I want everyone to understand where I am coming from and how my life has changed over the years!!!   In 2014  I had a stroke that paralyze the right side of my face !!  I have had multiple TIAs that hinder me from sometimes talking or moving!  My face at that point was completely twisted and I didn’t even want to go outside due to feeling ugly. I didn’t want to live but I know I have 5 kids that needed me in their life. Of course, the experience was hard on my husband our relationship so we parted ways. My kids have always been with my husband due to me not being able to hold down a job because I got sick on my jobs and I get fired due to safety reasons.   My attitude isn’t good because of everything I have been through.  I was forced to live with boyfriends and family members with who I have mostly worn out my welcome. I have had a lot of abusive boyfriends due to the fact that they know i need them to survive and I get treated any kinda way!! I hang on as long as I can. I have applied for disability due to my conditions since 2014 even had lawyers but i was denied every time. I am still fighting for it now after 7 years.  I hate that I don’t have my kids because I can’t afford to care for them due to me not being able to hold down a job. I don’t have proper medical insurance to go to the doctor and get my medicines as I am supposed to.  I have been treated for depression.  In October 2019 due to the stress of trying to live and not being able to take care of my kids I jumped out of the vehicle i was riding in,  due to a fight with another boyfriend.  After going through psychological meetings and going to doctors who were kind to see me without pay. I was diagnosed with having Cerebrovascular Disease.  I can go on with this story but it’s so much.  I’ve been making it through but i really could use some help. I would love to own my own home and would love to be able to take care of myself and my kids without having to depend on a man for everything…  Since i can’t hold employment I currently do Doordash but with gas cost and repair bills I can barely make it through!!!

I am asking for $9,800 to pay for the medical bills I have incurred and I cannot pay.

Please help ..  I will be posting a youtube video soon for everyone !!

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