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So much has happened since my last update.  Pete is now at Atrium Main hospital in Charlotte, NC awaiting a liver transplant.  His condition has steadily deteriorated over the past months and is now at the top of the list for a transplant.  Unfortunately, the two donors that have come available in the past week did not work out. So he continues to hope for another donor to become available.  Chrissy had a mastectomy in early May and later developed an infection in the incision.  This has delayed her radiation therapy for another week or so.  She continues to work on night shift, since this is their only source of income.  I continue to help them as much as I can financially, but my resources are quickly diminishing.  I am also taking care of their two autistic boys and getting them to where they need to be every morning.  They are in desperate need of any financial help you can give them.  Please share this on your social media so as many people can see it as possible!


There is another update for this campaign.  Pete’s health issues progressed to him being hospitalized with Diabetic Keto Acidosis and Pancreatitus.  It is uncertain when he will be able to resume delivering for DoorDash.  Their financial situation has become dire! Please help with whatever you can to help them. Hospital bills are mounting, some of which are already in collections! So anything you can do is greatly appreciated!

I have an update for Pete & Chrissy. A couple of months ago, Pete had to resign from his position with Hospice for a number of reasons. Since then, he has attempted to replace his income by working for DoorDash. However, he is now experiencing some serious health issues of his own and is having trouble even working DoorDash. While Chrissy is progressing well with her treatment, she is having to continue to work while experiencing the expected side effects of Chemotherapy.  They are obviously experiencing some very serious financial difficulties, and without Pete being able to work, those difficulties are increasing daily. Any additional help you can give them would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. 


Chrissy was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  She began chemo last week, and a few days later developed an infection in her port.  She has been in the hospital since Saturday receiving IV antibiotics to treat the infection, which was in her bloodstream.  She has been out of work for over a week now, and has already used up all her sick days and vacation.  Her medical bills are piling up since her insurance deductibles are quite high.   Pete is a hospice chaplain, and his income cannot keep pace with their expenses. Their two sons, who are both ASD, are struggling with this, and need constant supervision and support. I have been trying to help as much as I can, but being retired, my resources are limited. She will be undergoing more treatments in the coming months, and will certainly miss more work.  She works third shift, making it more difficult for her to get the rest she needs when she is able to go back to work.  At this time, she is still in the hospital, and it is uncertain when she will be able to come home.  In the meantime, Pete is continuing to try to work, and I am doing what I can to take care of my grandsons. Any help of any amount would be greatly appreciated, but please be as generous as you feel comfortable. This journey is going to be a long one. after she completes her chemo cycles, she will have surgery to remove the affected breast.  (It is possible she will have a double mastectomy, but that isn’t certain at this point. Then radiation will follow post surgery. Therefore, this is just beginning.  Thanks for your kind consideration and thanks in advance for your donation!

Chrissy is home from the hospital and is doing much better. She is still on IV antibiotics at home, which will be completed by 12/6. She is still unable to work, and probably will not be able to do so for several more months. We are extremely pleased with the donations we have received thus far, and are grateful to each and every person who has donated! Thanks again for your generosity!


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