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At ParadigmONE we are committed to having an innovative recovery support community center for anyone in need. Frankly speaking, we also realize that while 12-Step meetings and treatment centers certainly are effective resources, they aren’t seen as very cool, or can be intimidating, to those in active addiction wanting to begin their recovery. ParadigmONE is a new flavor of sobriety! ParadigmONE is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization that offers training in boxing and combat sports, fitness classes, art and music therapy, nutrition counseling, provides motivational guest speakers, connects those struggling recovery coaching services, holds sober gatherings, offers life skills training, provides community reentry services and job placement, holds spiritual mentoring events, and more. We recently opened our first location in Aurora, CO. Our vision is that people who are looking for a new way of life from alcohol and drugs can gather, have fun, and express themselves in a positive way at no cost.

About Our Founders ParadigmONE was founded and run by a group of individuals that are currently heavily immersed in the Colorado recovery movement and are looking to expand proven strategies.

How You Can Help! We are asking for donations so that we can operate year round to provide our services and offer them to those in need at no cost. Whether you want to make a large sum or small dollar donation we are extremely appreciative, because every dollar goes a long way to helping someone in need. Your support helps us buy equipment, afford programming materials, pay for overhead costs, and generally just keep the doors open so that we can offer these amazing services to people in recovery at no cost. This will give people a safe place to go rather than be on the streets using, in a jail cell, or stuck in the hospital. We need your help! If not us, then who? If not now, then when? For more information – Check out our Website  


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