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I’m currently being EVICTED from my resident in which my PARENTS purchased in 1960.  There has never been a second (2nd, 3rd, 4th) or any other mortgage on this family home, which  states the struggle my PARENTS went through to own what they WORKED very hard for (4) .  My PARENTS  has always taken the initiative to take in people { strays as the elderly would speak} to assist them along their journey(s).  My  PARENTS has moved on to the “GREAT BEYOND” {In Heaven}.  My Father  departed from me @ the TENDER age of 88 in which my child (Son) tenderized my FATHER’S mind into giving him property which clearly belonged to my brother (deceased) and I.  This new aged IDIOT has taken the liberty to sell a PERFECT old aged home to some “BUY YOUR HOUSE” Scape-Goat, never informed his MOTHER (raised him as a single parent), he moved out never saying a mumbling word.   I now have less than 24, possibly 48 hours to vacate the very property I was raised in.  At the GRACEFUL years of 60+, I sincerely request your assistance..

Thanks a billion,

God Bless

Please assist me to RELOCATE to a Higher High…  I Have Faith there’s some “Michael Jordan’s, Oprah Winfrey’s, Steph Curry’s , Jay-Z’s, Cardi-B’s, Lil Wayne’s & Certainly My King of Basketball LeBron James

Thanks 2u ALL,



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