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My new Challenge, To Walk again and Be free of Scar Tissue/Adhesions

It is truly by the Grace of God I write this- I am now past 5 years since dealing a dual Ovarian-Uterine Cancer diagnosis and living in pain, fear and despair.

I have navigated past major surgery, radiation, chemo and immuno therapies.  I was told it was stage IV in August 2020.  All total it has been 5 years of every emotion,  lots of isolation,  wanting for people to look you in the eye and see you as a whole person instead you just get handed papers, and poked and prodded till you feel like you can’t go on.

Silently for the most part I have had many many dark nights and days…but due to;

First of all faith and prayer, and then…wonderful medicines (holistic and conventional) amazing friends & family- by Gods grace,  I am here…. and more grateful for life every day!  I look at the ceiling every day when I wake up and “Thank you God for letting me live – I am so grateful.”   I take nothing for granted anymore.

The New Challenge- For Me To Walk Again without a Cane

Slowly over time,  I have developed massive lumps of scar tissue in my lower abdomen and pelvic floor.  Walking and movements gradually become more and more limited.  I had to go on disability.   Living in New York  I almost never leave my apartment now.   I can’t take the subway, I have no car and traveling anywhere has become intimidating.  I can’t even stand in line at the supermarket for long without being in pain. 

My western docs had said I would just have to live with pain and suggested  pain meds.  I can’t stand being drugged up – when I was on opiates in the hospital I felt like I was a zombie.  So I never gave up hope.

A friend told months later that there was a solution.  That the dysfunction was from adhesions/scar tissue. My doctors were clueless about this- I was never told this would develop.   You can’t see it on a scan.  

But the fact is that people that have major surgery will have to treat the scar tissue that builds up over time. So while I have the assurance that I can recover thanks to the PT- professionals at a place called Clear Passage in Gainesville, Florida.  It is an intensive 2 week-long procedure that will remove the scar tissue and help me regain my mobility.   And my insurance won’t cover the cost.

I have gone from a world of Climbing mountains in Peru, and riding bikes all over New York City, and doing African Dance class – to just sitting at home watching movies on Netflix.  And being that I live alone it’s at time daunting just doing simple things like laundry or trying to clean my shower.

Where your donation will go:

80 percent is to cover the cost of treatment and travel to and from Gainesville Florida where Clear Passage is Located. 

I also need to catch up on a few bills and medical expense and things that I have needed on this journey back to normal that I just can’t catch up on

Post Treatment Goals- Off Disability and Advocating and Supporting other that are going though similar challenges

I want very much to raise awareness too for others who have had to endure the pain and immobility that is the result of major surgery.   I also want very much to get back to work, and to share with others what I have learned and how I have overcome.  I just don’t want anyone to have to suffer the way I have and to be confused like I have been.  I hope also to share my success with the people involved with Dr. Joe Dispenza and his work- as this too has had so much to do with how I have been able to recover.

I am so glad this is a tax free donation platform.

I know times are so hard, and it’s very difficult to have to ask in such challenging times.  Knowing that this platform will allow it to be tax deductible makes this much easier.

Walking with a cane has shown me how fragile and vulnerable you can feel. From being a gymnast as a kid to thinking you might fall and not be able to get back up,  I am 100 percent ready to go back to being someone in my 50’s.  I hope I can even one day teach yoga again and hike in the mountains.

Thank you for anything you can do to help or help share this if you know someone that is doing end of year donations.

Peace,  love blessings to you.  Thank you for reading this…

I attached a video if you would like to watch more about what I did to recover…

thank you!

Love Kay.

For more info you can look here https://clearpassage.com/who-we-are/


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