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I’ve been living in my truck since June I’m in Fruita Colorado and this is where God has decided I should stay I’m trying hard to follow his word and to follow wherever he wants me to go right now it’s wintertime and it’s kind of cold sleeping in the truck and though I have a tent it’s snowing pretty hard I’m disabled on top of that I’m unable to work I was in a car accident a few years ago and the young man who caused the accident had no insurance at all I shattered my pelvis in two different places broke my knee broke my ankle and spent 21 days in a medically-induced coma I need a small camper I get a very small disability check and it doesn’t go far after I pay my bills seem I put everything in gas so this money will go towards the purchase of a very small camper that I can tow with my truck there are plenty of places out here that I can park it for free I would be out of the weather

Thank you

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