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Jesus came for me March 14th 2014 I believe he had been preparing me for the life-changing moment that was about to happen first I would love to tell you a little bit more about me I would be considered one of the last kind of people that was worth Jesus coming for I always thought that God was real he just wasn’t for me I went through a whole bunch of trauma as a child that followed me into adulthood I used to suffer from PTSD I still have PTSD I just no longer suffer from it Praise Jesus for that one too I became a witch a practicing witch practicing witchcraft in the year 2000 and I stayed a practicing witch up until 2014 I was not a nice person for most of my adult life I didn’t like people I didn’t trust people and anytime someone mention God to me I would shut them up quick so I didn’t want to hear it because God had shown me nothing in January 24th 1986 I gave birth to my oldest daughter they gave me a pint of plasma and a pint of blood I have lost a lot of blood during her delivery six weeks later it I kept telling them I didn’t feel well but I felt like I had the flu they told me it was all in my head and eventually took custody of my daughter and terminated my parental rights I know I called out for God to help me he didn’t hear me the sea then I I didn’t understand why he didn’t hear me and know I do understand why he didn’t hear me will fast forward to 16 years later after that birth I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C at that time the only had the one treatment and it wasn’t even a cure and it was a harsh treatment I did it for 21 days before my left lung collapse with what they call a spontaneous pneumothorax they took me off the medication and said they were going to be unable to treat me and they marked it down as a failure to treatment nothing nothing in my life was going well at all my marriage was in turmoil I was in turmoil and now they told me that I have this deadly disease you would think that would turn me back to God but no so I divorced my husband after spending many years being in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship March 14th 2014 I went to work on my 49cc scooter all the way to work actually for about 3 days Every time I get on my scooter I’d have this Vision in my head this voice in my head hold your body up hold your body up hold your body up at 9 p.m. on March 14th 2014 I was on my way home from work a young man went to pull in front of me to do a u-turn he didn’t see me I dropped my scooter on the left side and according to dashboard cameras and eyewitnesses I held my upper body in my head up off the pavement well I rode the scooter down on my side I woke up 21 days later from a medically-induced coma they didn’t think I was going to make it so they didn’t really bother to fix me I had broken my pelvis into areas broke in my left knee my left ankle my ribs were all broken on the left side the ones were broken on the right side from CPR when I woke up there is no more anger there was no more hatred no bitterness I felt strangely calm now I was tied to the bed I was restrained so that should tell you what those 21 days was like for the medical people who take care of me apparently I fought them but I’m guessing that there was a fight going on inside for me Jesus battled for my soul those 21 days I came home on April 15th unable to walk I couldn’t climb the steps to get into the house and I tried to go back to my witchcraft but all doors for close to me literally I couldn’t find a high priestess anywhere anywhere in the country that would do a healing spell so one morning I went outside push my Walker down to the bottom of the steps made my way down the steps grab the Walker and tried to pray to my goddess the only thing that would come out with my God by the third my God I was begging for his forgiveness I was confessing all I had stopped and prayed and cried to God for so hard and so long that day I didn’t realize that I had actually walked with the Walker while praying it took Jesus back that day in Jesus took me back that day they told me I wouldn’t be able to watch for 18 to 24 months if I was ever able to fully be able to walk unaided again 7 months later I push my wheelchair out the door left my Walker at physical therapy 2 months later I went back to work that was a mistake I ended up for you injuring myself and now I’m unable to work and now my hep C has progressed a lot more because of all the medications that I’ve had to be on after my mom died 2019 I prayed and prayed Lord what do I do in 2021 God said sell your trailer few months later I found the perfect couple rather God found the perfect couple and I sold my trailer I made sure that I had what I thought I needed on my pickup and I said okay Lord where we going and he took me back home Colorado there he finished the process of healing for me my emotions all the old hurts and angers everything I was finally able to forgive everybody in Fruita Colorado at the Fruita Christian Church Pastor Tim baptize me the last weekend of July God was working then to my knee doesn’t bend it wouldn’t bend all the way and I forgot to tell him so in my head hurts like oh God my name fully bent and I fully went under the water and was able to be baptized praise God my knee still bends it straightens out God’s amazing so I went on with my journey because God said you need to go to California so I came to California while here I started the process to get treatment for hep C they have a new one Florida denied me three times once they said I wasn’t sick enough and the last two times because I’m on medical marijuana and they refused to pay for it because I was on medical marijuana Colorado kept messing up my insurance my medical insurance I was there for months and couldn’t get it straightened out I was running out of prescriptions so we came to California in California I got my medical right away got a doctor right away. My prescriptions were refilled right away and we have started the process to cure my hep C but I’m living in my truck doing it gas prices have gone astronomically High here I need help I’m looking at selling my truck it’s a 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac but it needs some work this traveling has been hard on it and I need a van is that will allow me to rest it will allow me to be able to cook and I can still Park a lot better than I can in my truck I hope you’ve read my story and while reading my story realize it’s never too late to come back to God God loves us all and he will come back for every single one of us his hand has reached out all we got to do is grab it so I pray while reading this the God has spoken to you


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