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A few years ago, we lost the ground wire in our home, and a lot of our appliances were destroyed from the electrical surges. The fridge and garage door ya, know, some things you can live without, but parts of our AC unit were damaged, and our water heater was fried as well.  I think it’s called the air handler, it was damaged. I want to get whatever we can fix. Unfortunately, between bills and food, I can’t even save 200. I work a full time job…And yes I have a kid, not so much a kid to everyone else but he relies on me and my retired mother. We are both trying so hard to keep our home going, but with the rising costs of everything, it’s not working. We went for about 2 years using a mini fridge, but we need a new roof eventually. We have an a/c at the moment, though it struggles so much during the hot days and when it is really cold. I am also working on trying to save up for a new water heater which was also damaged during that time we were actually getting it repaired the day the transformer messed up.

Since my mom retired we have been struggling. She has many medical bills, and I am in debt from trying to help pay for medications that Medicare does not pay for.  I really hope we can get back on our feet and pay it forward to someone in the future. I really don’t know what else to do. I have other needs but this would benefit my family the most. Fixing any of these thing would take a huge weight off our shoulders.   I thank you for anything ya’ll do to help my mom and my son and I.


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