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Hello, my name is Erica and I’m 40 years old. This is some of my very long story, I have a lifelong Class III malocclusion with underbite. I’ve always hated my underbite.  I never thought there would be any way to improve this condition. I was always told that orthognathic jaw surgery was the only way.I had braces when I was a young, but that wouldn’t help with my skeletal underbite.My orthodontist talked to me and my parents about having jaw surgery, I was very young and my parents didn’t have much money so they decided against it, I also did not want to go through that.  I’m extremely self-conscious about my underbite and especially my profile I absolutely hate it. Fast forward several years later, I decided to get cosmetic dentistry to improve the look of my underbite. The dentist I wanted to see is in New Jersey but unfortunately I did not qualify for financing or a loan due to past credit issues.  My dentist who I’ve been going to for many years told me that he could bring  my top teeth over my bottom with the porcelain veneers but in the end he did not. I felt I was lied to and ripped off by someone I trusted. My dentist did veneers on my top 6 teeth first and then 2 more later on so 8 in total. I should\’ve said something to him about it but my parents also go to him and I didn\’t want to make a scene and embarass them. Two of the veneers keep falling off. My bite is still off and I’m having issues with chewing, biting my tongue, biting the inside of my mouth, tension. It is very uncomfortable. I told myself to give up a while ago but something keeps telling me try one more time. So, recently I’ve had 2 consultations with two different dentists in my home town but they were a nightmare. The first one said sure come in we will work with you financially and they were not willing to work with me at all. I believe they said what they had to say to get me to come in for the appointment. I’ve been through so much with this. I do not want any further damage to my teeth and my bite so I’m looking for a new dentist to start this process all over again. I need crowns on all of my teeth to help bring the top teeth over my bottom. My dentist should have known I needed crowns not veneers anyway. I used my dental insurance and my flexible spending account from work to pay for the treatment my dentist did.  I still paid quite a bit especially on my low salary.  I just want my bite to feel normal and be able to chew food, and not be in pain, and finally feel confident in myself.Thank you for reading my e-mail. Have a wonderful day! Sincerely, Erica

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