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My name is Donald and I am reaching out to you today for my girl Anita, she is a grandma, a mother, and my girl for 22 years. she is uneducated and comes from a brutal upbringing that didn’t allow her to reach high school and she had to drop out in middle school.  She is 69 years old and has 3 kids and 11 grandkids. 2 daughters and 1 son, 1 of her daughters has 6 kids and doesn’t even talk to her since we’ve been together. The other daughter and her son are here in our area, her daughter has a beautiful daughter she is twelve and will be entering high school this year I do believe. Her son has 3 girls and a boy, 2 of his girls are in college the other girl is in high school and the boy is in grade school, her son is an army veteran and has been able to create a beautiful family that I and my girl thoroughly enjoy her grandkids are a blast we always have the best time when we get together. We see my girls, daughter, and granddaughter often and enjoy the time we spend with all of them. both her kids are really busy with their lives and raising the grandkids so time is never enough, therefore leaving me to take care of their mom, grandma, and MY GIRL.  Well, the last 2 years has been brutal for my girl as far as her health care coverage, because of being on SSI and illiterate from not being able to attend school when she was growing up I have been taking care of her while in return she takes care of me and my mother ie, household chores that need to be done on a daily basis laundry, dishes, dinner, house cleaning.  Well, the last 2 years my Girl has had 5 stents put in her chest along with 3 different Nurse Practitioners and an insurance company that does not care. For a year she dealt with this pain which was noticed when I took her to ER her np had Xrays done and she found something, my girl cannot stand for more than 20 minutes and lost her legs and fell in Walmart a day before Xmas eve they have denied her 2 times for an MRI I have taken her physical therapy and her insurance co refuses to acknowledge this and refuses to let her get an MRI. I am failing my girl, and she does not deserve this, and I do not know what else to do, and I don’t want her to die I can’t take care of her if the system won’t take care of their people I work at home depot and can’t afford the treatment she needs MRI I don’t know how much MRI s cost I just know the insurance company doesn’t want to cover it she lives in pain every day I hate seeing like this. we just need a little help I sent a letter to the medical review board filing a complaint against her healthcare provider and have not received a second call back from them yet maybe they are investigating it I do not want to fail her and her kids and grandkids but I don’t know what to do. Thank you, Donald and My Girls MRI


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