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My deceased mother hid or threw away personal property taxes to her death. Shortly after we moved here, a collection agency was trying to sell the property for past due payment of taxes. This property has been in my family for 3 generations. We can’t get ahead because of paying ‘$1000 per month for what is owed. My husband & I are both on SSI disability, so there’s a limited amount to what we can pay to the county.  We haven’t been able to pay current taxes because of the $1000 per month. Any donation is appreciated. We’re both disabled and really unable to move elsewhere even though this house needs a bunch of repair work.. We need a new roof, landscaping, which is not a priority.  The interior needs to be painted badly.  The basement floods every time there’s a heavy rain.  I have been packing up collectibles and what-not to go to auction to raise funds, but it’s slow going.  Any & all assistance is appreciated.  I have dreamed of leaving this property to my children as the 4th generation on this property, and hopefully to their children.  There’s a lot of history on this property.  We have found numerous civil war and Indian relics on the property.  Every time there’s a heavy rain stuff floats to the top of the ground.  Union army camped on the back of this property during the 7 Days Battle at Cold Harbor.  Shouldn’t the children & grandchildren experience finding these relics?


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