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Dear Friends,

This comes to you with a threefold purpose: to share with you my life altering health situation, how my healing journey could be helpful to others, and a request for a donation.

The C word has entered my life. I have cancer. Both my mother and sister had cancer. Now it’s my turn. Fortunately, it was caught early and anal skin cancer is very curable.

However, a cancer diagnosis is decidedly life altering. Hence we have canceled the “Five Wisdom Energies: Understanding the Feminine and Masculine of Who We Are” weeklong retreat as well as other courses in the planning stage. The current Five Wisdoms Training continues with participants graduating in December. The Community Council also continues. I expect to be offering another cycle of the Five Wisdoms Training in early 2022.

Here is how I can help others. I am very grateful to the radiology oncologist with whom I initially met. He was so forthright in giving me a graphic detail of what the radiology and chemotherapy treatment would be like–which basically burns and poisons you to cure you but leaves you with lifelong damage–that I thanked him profusely for being so direct and decided to seek an alternative route. 

Then I did extensive online research with good friend Google to find alternatives. There are many, some less proven than others. I zeroed in on a couple and finally chose EuroMed in Phoenix, Arizona. They do integrative oncology and their ingenious treatments have been enormously successful as they not only work with curing the cancer but also the cause of it in your particular physiology and how to prevent further occurrences. If you know anyone with a cancer diagnosis, I would highly recommend them. Please visit their website: https://euromedfoundation.com/

It took two days for my partner Jay and I (and puppy Joy) to drive to Phoenix. I am now under their care for an initial four weeks with 3 to 4 hours a day in the clinic. Then there will be at least another two months of traveling from home every other week. It’s also not clear how long I will need treatment. It’s a very intensive process and has been quite overwhelming. Slowly settling into all of this, I feel well taken care of and am doing fine. Jay and Joy have been enormously supportive on this adventure.

The downside is that EuroMed is very expensive as it’s not covered by insurance. Here is the picture: My daughter Karuna has been chronically ill all her adult life so she has never earned a living. I support much of her basic living expenses as well as her astronomical medical expenses for Lyme treatment that also come out of pocket. It’s around $60,000 a year. Now that I also have large medical expenses, it’s getting pretty edgy. The three months at EuroMed including travel and lodging costs are going to cost around $50,000. As well, I have very little income having chosen a little known career path that trains people in personal and professional development in a deep psycho-spiritual system, the Five Wisdom Energies. Karuna and I depend heavily on my inheritance which has to be tracked carefully so we don’t use it up.

Here’s where you come in. Aside from alerting people of EuroMed, I would be most appreciative–but please don’t feel obliged–if you could contribute with a 100% tax deductible donation (for US donors). You would receive a tax donation email immediately from Givetaxfree.org, the only non-profit Crowd Funding site in the USA.

I rest in a trusting confidence that all work will work out.

Wishing you the very best,


Campaign Updates (Saturday, October 9, 2021):

Thank you so much for your contribution and well wishes.

Though these past two month has been extremely discombobulating, we settled into the routine of the intensive treatments and protocols. It is all consuming: a full-time job with a huge learning curve. Yet, I feel very optimistic about my recovery. Now we are back in CA and will fly to Phoenix every other week for treatments.

I created a short practice for myself that I have been sharing with others:
Breathe in fear; breathe out fearlessness (Repeat three times)
Breathe in doubt; breathe out trust (Repeat three times)
Rest in fearless trusting confidence (Gentle breathing)
Embrace yourself with unconditional love, penetrating your heart
Know with certainty that
Whatever arises is workable
Adverse circumstances give us the opportunity to engender inner strength

Rest in fearless trusting confidence

All good wishes,


Campaign Update (Saturday, March 5, 2022):

Dear Family and Friends,

This is an update on my journey with cancer.

A PET scan is the crystal ball that reveals the state of the cancer in your body. Good news! My recent scan showed that the tumor/mass has decreased to the extent that it was not detected! However, though not visible, cancer resides in the stem cells. As well, there is still a lot of inflammation in that area, possibly because I got Covid a few weeks ago. So my journey goes on. I will be returning to EuroMed every two or three weeks to continue with treatments.

Please keep EuroMed in mind for anyone you know who is suffering from cancer.

(602) 404-0400,  https://euromedfoundation.com/

For many months now I have been paying out of pocket for medical treatments for both my daughter Karuna (for Lyme) and myself. It has been quite a strain on the inheritance money on which we depend. The enormity of suffering in the world makes our situation relatively insignificant but a donation would be most appreciated.

I feel incredibly grateful in so many ways. In particular I want to express tremendous appreciation to family and friends who have been so caring about my welfare.

Wishing you the very best,


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